Easy Pal Digital Messaging and SSTV

What Is Easy Pal?


EasyPal is best known as an SSTV application, but it's much more than that. 


EasyPal can send files, which means it can send doc, pdf, jpg, xls, and txt files.  This capability represents a very useful tool for Emergency Communications.

Yes, there are other applications that can send these types of files, but EasyPal can do it faster - typically 120 seconds or less.  If a part of the message is not received error-free the recipient can request a re-send of just the portion of the message that was missed.  While EasyPal was originally intended for HF use, it works quite well on VHF and UHF, and has no problem being used via a repeater.

The program's author became a Silent Key in 7-OCT-2014, and there have been no updates since that time.  DuPage County ARES has an archived copy of the last update, received directly from the author, and it is available on request (contact Ed at k9ew@arrl.net for a copy).  That same release is also available at


Be sure to use the 7-OCT-2014 version - the versions are not backward compatible.

DuPage County ARES runs an EasyPal Digital Net on the third Tuesday of every even month at 1900hr local time.

The EasyPal User's Guide is available at the link below.


Easy Pal Files

EasyPal_Users_Guide_rev1.0 (docx)